27T Hot Rod
Body Tub. The chassis was designed around the Pop Brown Body.
The Completed Rolling Chassis. The spun ally petrol tank should complement the overall look, although not a great safety feature.
Rear Suspension. The Volvo rear axle should handle the power and match the gearing with the huge rear tyres.
Front Suspension. The refurbished Cortina front suspension fitted to the chassis.
Steve's Hot Rod was built over a period of six months. The custom built chassis has a Cortina front clip and a Volvo rear axle mounted on a traverse leaf spring. The engine is a 2.8L Ford V6 and the braking system is assisted by a Seat Ibiza master cylinder mounted remotely under the floor. That’s about it. A home made wiring loom, replica fibreglass body, bench seat and period wheels finish this rod off.