CJ5 Jeep
Repaired Body Back in Place. With the body back on the Jeep really starts to look the part.
Body Removed. With the body removed for repair the chassis was cleaned and checked for any problems. The running gear needed only minor attention.
Running Gear Done. All cleaned and painted with big new wheels and tyres the rolling chassis was ready for the body.
How it arrived. The Jeep arrived in good running order it just lacked in the looks department. Further investigation proved the body was past its best.
The Jeep was bought from the local free ads and although registered as 1973 it was actually built a couple of years before this. After some digging about we found out that the Jeep was originally imported for use in the clay pits in Cornwall where for some reason a CJ6 long wheel base body was shortened and fitted on a CJ5 chassis resulting in the vehicle you see below. With a 4.2L straight six engine it had plenty of grunt and would happily pull away in all 3 of its forward gears.